Naruto Shippuden Story Arcs

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Naruto Shippuden Story Arcs

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Naruto Shippuden Story Arcs

1. Naruto Part II: Reintroduction: Episode 1-3; Chapters 245-247
Two and a half years later, an older and stronger Naruto returns to Konoha. This arc focuses on reintroducing the main characters, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi. Kakashi tests Naruto and sees his growth as a ninja via the infamous bell test. Others reappearing in this segment include Jiraiya, Tsunade, Konohamaru, Iruka, Shikamaru, Gaara, and Temari.
Naruto, Sakura , Kakashi


2. Rescue Gaara Arc: Episodes 3-(Ongoing); Chapters 248-281
Gaara, who is now the he Fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village, is kidnapped by Akatsuki so that Akatsuki can extract the demon inside Gaara for themselves. Team Kakashi is sent to the Hidden Sand Village to rescue him. Team Kakashi, with the help of Chiyo of the Sand Village (who is the grandmother of an Akatsuki memeber from the Sand Village) and Team Gai as their back-up, chase after Gaara's kidnappers. Gaara ends up dieing because the demon that was inside of him is extracted out. Chiyo gives up her life force to Gaara who than comes back to life.

3. Naruto Part II Exposition: Chapters 282-284
Naruto runs off to find a substitute team member to intercept Sasori's spy. Naruto reunites with Shino, Kiba, Hinata, Chouji, Ino, and Shikamaru again. Team Kakashi temporarily gets two new team-members, Yamato (replacing an injured Kakashi as leader) and Sai (replacing Sasuke). Meanwhile, Tsunade has to deal with distrust from the villager elders.

4. Grass Country Arc Part 1: Bridge of Heaven and Earth: Chapters 285-310:
The new Team Kakashi follows up on some information received from Sasori about a meeting with a spy among Orochimaru's followers. The meeting fails, when the spy, Kabuto, turns out to be still loyal to Orochimaru. Naruto demonstrates his progress in the ability to use the Nine-tailed fox's power during the battles as he has four of the nine tales now. Orochimaru says that now Naruto has the power to kill him. Orochimaru manages to escape and Sai, who betrays the Team Kakashi at the on the orders of his superior, Danzo, follows him. Then, the rest of Team Kakashi invades Orochimaru's base in pursuit of Sai. Naruto and Sakura finally see Sasuke for the first time since he left from Konoha roughly 2 and a half years earlier. Sasuke is far from what he used to be, as he is way more powerful than Naruto. His abilities have progressed so much, that he can even talk to the nine-tail fox inside of Naruto.


5. Elemental Training / Akatsuki Pursuit Arc: Chapters 311 to 342
After returning from the Grass Country, Kakashi is still recovering in the hospital, and tells them that he hasn't been wasting time just recovering, been has been thinking about training. He states that he knows of a way that will allow Naruto to surpass him in strength and defeat Sasuke. Naruto must train and create a technique using the elemental chakra, wind, he has been born with. Naruto successful learns wind manipulation and goes on to create his technique. Meanwhile, Akatsuki begins more actively tracking down and acquiring the Bijuu as two newly introduced teams manage to catch the two tailed, and three tailed demons. Also fierce battles between the Leaf Village and Akatsuki take place with deaths on both sides.

6. Sasuke's Revenge Arc: Chapters 343 to Present
Sasuke betrays, defeats Orochimaru and forms a team to kill Itachi. The team is a form man cell that consists of a kunoichi who can locate other people via her mind (Karin), a member from the Hidden Mist Village who can turn into water (Suigetsu), the origin of the cursed seal (Juugo), and Sasuke himself.

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