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[ The Rules ]

Post by -BlazeKing- on Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:30 pm

Board Rules

1. Respect
-You Must Respect All Mods And Admins.
-They Are Here To Help You And You Must Show Your Appreciation By Respecting Them.
-Do Not Argue With What They Say Or Do. It Is For The Best.
-Don't Pm Them Any Useless Stuff. They Have Things To Do.

2. Spam
-Do Not Post After Your Own Post.
-Do Not Post That Are Irrelevant To The Topic.
-Do Not Post Anything That Is One Or Two Words.

3. Flaming
-Do No Argue With Posts Going Back And Forth.
-If Anyone Is Bothering You Pm A Mod Or Admin And They Will Be Dealt With.
-Do Not Insult Anyone On This Forum.

-There Must Be No Dirty Pictures To This Site.
-Keep All Avatars And Signatures Clean.
-Violation Of These Rules Wiil Result In Immediate Ban.

5. Active
- You Must Stay Active On The Forum.
- Try To Post A Lot So We Can Make This A Great Forum.
- Post At Least Three Or Four Times When You Sign On.
- Create Topics That You Know Will Be Interesting And Beneficial.

6. Accounts
-Your Are Only Allowed One Account On This Forum
-If You Have Another Account It Will Be Deleted
-If You Created A Second Account By Accident Report It So It Can Be Deleted
-Multiple Accounts On Purpose Will Result In A Ban

7. Have Fun
- Try And Enjoy Your Stay on This Forum.
- We Will Try And Make This A Fun And Exciting Forum For All Of You.

These Rules May Be Updated From Time To Time.
Enjoy Your Stay Here :mrgreen:
Very Happy

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